I'm a software engineer and a designer in New York City. Currently, I work as a member of the Partner Engineering team at Artsy and produce physical products with Hunter Craighill at GENMFGCO. Given time, the weather and a little slack, I'm liable to pursue many other small projects additionally.

Find me elsewhere on the internet at Twttr (@dylanfareed), Github (@dylanfareed), Prismatic (@dylanfareed), & Rdio (@dylan).

Dec 1

We were very stoked to discover our Tybee Jump Ropes included in Wired’s December 2013 holiday shopping guide in print and online.

Nov 21

GENMFGCO released the cast Finn Coaster available in pewter and concrete last week. Produced entirely on site at GENMFGCO in Brooklyn, we’ve deployed a constellation of them to the main work table to sit under this tiny and resilient little plant.

With the Finn Coaster, we set out to produce an object that stood well on its own but could also elegantly serve a purpose in a group. Named in reference to the striking Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, I think we found a nice balance with these tessellating and twisted hexagonal slabs.

The Finn Coaster as well provided us the dual opportunity to continue working with cast pewter and to introduce concrete into our vocabulary. It was interesting for us to discover quite how different the production, finishing and end result could be. In pewter, the coaster is slightly less tall than the concrete but boasts a mighty heft. The concrete coaster meanwhile finishes to an extremely pure and clean surface while the polished pewter retains some of the markings from its casting despite its shine.

Oct 1

Very excited to see the Artsy ios7 app in the App store — and featured by apple. Many humans here at Artsy worked pretty hard to bring us a pocket sized art world.

Congrats all around. Find the Artsy ios app here at http://iphone.artsy.net/.