Dylan Fareed Notebook

I recently spent a couple weeks in Nice, France. While walking around through the port part of town, I noticed an old door that had been painted over seemingly a long time back – with a blocky space left unpainted presumably to economically/lazily not obscure the warning text stating that this particular door is an emergency exit.

I was immediately reminded of a poster work by Jonathan Ellery that I’d first come across in the Handmade volume of Lars Müller Publishers’ Poster Collection series. I hadn’t thought about these books for years – I think my copies are in a box in storage after a move during the pandemic. I still remember how thrilling they were to leaf through in that period of my early 20s along with Dot Dot Dot, Rick Poynor in Eye, and the various Emigre publications. Anyways, I’ve got to get those out of storage this year and feel that again.

Published on 2024-01-04 1m read